Alpha League Racing

Welcome to the Alpha League Racing User Guide.
Alpha League Racing 2.0 Official Cover

Alpha League Racing is the first game available worldwide on the SAGA dApp Store!

Today, we make history! After being available on PC, Mac and Android Mobile, Alpha League Racing is now available worldwide on the SAGA dApp Store, world-first for a Gaming app 🏆 💻 PC, Mac (optimized for Google Chrome, Firefox): https://app.alphaleagueracing.com 📲 Android Mobile: Download on Google Play Store 📲 Solana Mobile (SAGA) : Search for Alpha League Racing in the dApp store, we are the only game in the "Game" section!
Alpha League Racing 2.0 Beta is available on PC, MAC, Android Mobile and now on SAGA!

Get ready for the start of Season 1, Drift Wars, on the 28th of April, 2023!

New Game mode: DRIFT!

Get ready to drive on soapy roads!

5 brand new tracks enter the rotation

With Season 1, this is no less than 5 new tracks that enter the rotation! Discover them below:
Loop me twice - Classic Time-attack
Needle Madness - Classic Time-attack
Soft Sprint - Classic Time-attack
Drift Frienzy - Drift Track
Easy Peezee - Drift Track

Let's welcome new Racers with a new onboarding process

In order to welcome new players in the best possible condition, we introduce a one-time onboarding process for every new users.
Step 1 : Introduce ALR
Step 2 : Choose between Web2 / Web3 path
Step 3: Choose your username
Step 4: Discover the Season Pass

We believe in Free-to-play

Alpha League Racing is Free-to-play, offering Default cars in every difficulty (EVO1 to EVO4) and in both models (Muscle & Ranger).
This is an important step forward in order to make Alpha League Racing a trending game on multiple platforms and to target a wider audience.
Moreover, most of web3 gamers dream to onboard their web2 friends in a seamless way. This is the reason why we decided that owning an ALR NFT or a web3 wallet were not mandatory to play Alpha League Racing.
If you believe in web3 as we do and want to own your assets, you can buy your own car on Magic Eden: https://magiceden.io/marketplace/alphaleagueracing​

User Interface has been polished to improve User Experience

ALR v2.0.2 UI was tailored for crossplatform, enhanced new players onboarding, free-to-play introduction, and more.
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If you have any suggestion on how to improve this documentation, please join discord and discuss it directly with the Team: https://discord.gg/p5MqtAExUM​