Holder & Free-to-play Modes

Onboard both Web2 & Web3 Gamers seamlessly
In order to increase Alpha League Racing playerbase, we needed to emphasize on a smart funnel that is tailored to onboard any gamers coming from all horizons.

Holder Mode

Holder Mode is the classic mode of Alpha League Racing since its inception, in December 2021.
You enter Holder mode the moment you decide to connect to the ALR 2.0 app with a Web3 wallet containing ALR NFTs:
  • Your Garage is automatically replenished with your own Cars
  • They become available in every tournaments
  • Your Earning Factor increases according to the number of ALR NFTs you own and their rarity level (EVO 1/2/3/4).
  • You automatically become eligible for rewards sent at the end of a Season.

Free-to-play Mode

In order to onboard a much wider audience, ALR now offers a Free-to-play experience, by offering the possibility to use ALR Default Cars.
There is only one notable difference with Holder Mode: Free-to-play Users are not eligible for rewards.
It's time to call your Normie friends.
Default Muscle EVO1
Default Ranger EVO1
Default Muscle EVO2
Default Ranger EVO2
Default Muscle EVO3
Default Ranger EVO3
Default Muscle EVO4
Default Ranger EVO4
At the moment, Free-to-play accounts are not yet cross-platform: a Mobile account is different from a PC/Mac account.
If you have any suggestion on how to improve this documentation, please join discord and discuss it directly with the Team: https://discord.gg/p5MqtAExUM​