💎Earning Factor

Only for ALR Holders

Every Racer has a dynamic Earning Factor, displayed in its Garage.

How is Earning Factor calculated ?

Earning Factor is a reward multiplier based on 2 key components:

  • The number of ALR NFTs you own in your wallet

  • Their EVO Class (EVO1 to EVO4)

Earning factor and placement in the Season Ranking are taken into account to calculate rewards at the end of a Season. Therefore, all your participation in all tournaments have consequences on your future earnings.

Reward are distributed in SOL token coming from the ALR Collection royalties. It is subject to change.

Value added per EVO class on Earning Factor is subject to change at any moment.

What is its purpose?

Earning Factor is used to distribute rewards at the end of a Season.

The higher the Earning Factor, the bigger the rewards will be, based on your performances during the whole Season.

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