🆕Tips for new Racers

Let's dive into some tips that will make your journey easier to apprehend!

Here is a list of tips we gathered from top Racers in Alpha League Racing. Follow their advice, they are at the top for a reason!

  1. If you don't play on Mobile, use a controller. While using a keyboard is fine, using a controller is a game changer. The good news is that ALR is compatible with any controller, the hard part is plugging it in!

  2. Do NOT try to perform the best scores right away. Knowing the track and every turns is a must to perform well. You didn't learn walking in a day, what make you think you could be the best in ALR after your first race?

  3. Manage. Your. Limited. Boost. Boost Management is KEY to perform in ALR, in order to maintain maximum speed as often as possible. Use it wisely.

  4. Avoid skidding, at all costs. When your car skids into a turn, you loose speed. You don't want to loose speed in a time-attack game. (obviously it's not true in Drift mode)

  5. ALR is a game. You MUST have fun while playing it. ALL the Racers who took a break and returned with a fresh mind did better than the day before. This is true in almost every competitive game (or FromSoftware game).

  6. The most satisfying aspect of ALR is not being TOP1. It's seeing your learning curve going bananas sessions after sessions, and beat Ghosts of players you were not able to beat during your previous sessions. TOP1 is for the madmen, aka the "tryharders".

  7. Start with EVO1. ALR was designed with "EVO" difficulty scales, where EVO1 is the easiest mode and EVO4 the most extreme. Stay in the EVO1 category and move up when you feel you are gaining confidence.

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