Phase 2: Playoffs

You thought that was all, heh?
The information below are not yet confirmed for Season 0. Once Phase 1 ends, Playoffs phase begin. The Seasonal Ranking is frozen and divided into 4 equal groups of Racers:
  • Elite League: TOP1%-25% of the Seasonal Ranking
  • Gold League: TOP25%-50% of the Seasonal Ranking
  • Silver League: TOP50%-75% of the Seasonal Ranking
  • Bronze League: TOP75%-100% of the Seasonal Ranking
Every League now enters closed Playoff Mode.
Leagues start their own closed sequence of 3 Tournaments (called "Rounds"), where Racers battle to qualify for the next round:
  • TOP50% of Round 1 qualify for Round 2
  • TOP25% of Round 2 qualify for Round 3
  • TOP10 players of Round 3 qualify for Season Finale EVO500.
If you have any suggestion on how to improve this documentation, please join discord and discuss it directly with the Team: https://discord.gg/p5MqtAExUM​