🏆How Seasons work in ALR?

Discover how Seasons work in Alpha League Racing, from Launch Day and its glorious Grand Opening Tournament to Playoffs and Season Finale EVO500.

How do Seasons work in Alpha League Racing?

At Alpha League Racing, we decided to introduce Seasons in a way that hook Racers from every horizons, from the casuals only able to play a few minutes a day, to the hardcore gamers who can throw hundreds of hours to achieve the perfect run.

Main Principles

  • Seasons are a sequence of multiple tournaments in the 4 levels of EVO difficulty that exist in ALR, on multiple tracks and on multiple timeframes.

  • Once a tournament ends, participants are rewarded with Experience Points ("XP"), based on their rank.

  • Number of XP distributed per tournament grows exponentially as Season ends approach, in order to increase uncertainty in the last days, maintain excitement and improve overall User Experience, especially for late comers.

  • Experience points are counted until the end of the season in the Seasonal Ranking, accessible from the Main Menu.

  • Once Season ends, participants get rewarded with various rewards according to their Rank in the definitive Season Ranking and their Reward Multiplier, based on the number of ALR NFTs they own in their wallet.

  • Season Pass holders enter in Playoff & eventually in Season Finale EVO500.

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